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Question of the Week: 
Richmond, VA's Best Take-Out Fried Chicken
New categories will be added regularly
Just because of the nature of the fried chicken category, you have to include some chains in this list (though Lee's and Golden Skillet aren't exactly multi-national behemoths)

Name Address
(1) Lee's Fried Chicken 2200 W. Broad St (804) 355-1059 
Leeeee...., Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee, We're talkin' f'in Lee.  Original recipe.  He cast a spell a spell on me. 
(2) Golden Skillet  6116 Jahnke Rd (804) 233-0388 
These once dominated the Richmond landscape (see history).  Now, most of them are gone (lots of converted Chinese restaurants or car dealerships).  A few survive and keep the legacy alive (I like the Jahnke Road one).  Magical breading-pressure cooker recipe! The Big Skillet chicken sandwich is probably the best fast food chick sandwich in town.
(3) Chicken Box   3000 3rd Ave (804) 228-2442

Special thanks to Jocelyn's Corner and whine me, dine me for reminding us of this Richmond treasure.  Tough neighborhood (bullet-proof glass), but worth getting shot at for their fried chicken and world-famous $2 Big Chick sauce (hot sauce and mayonnaise). "The Second Best Thing You Ever Ate!"  Get the collectors cup! 

(4) Bojangle's Dinwiddie Avenue Hopewell, VA (coming soon)
North Carolina fried chicken love coming soon to the RVA.

Honorable Mention (in order of favorites):
(me likey White House Rolls n Wedges),
(near RIR...getting a box of chicken w fried apple pie and watching Nextel track testing without earplugs <no parking issues...pull right up to the entrance> is one of my great pleasures in life)
a lot of new ones have been popping up

Best Richmond Fried Chicken Buffet: Tanglewood Ordinary (2210 River Road West. 804-556-3284) or more of a hike, Michie Tavern (683 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy Charlottesville, VA 22902 (434) 977-1234) near Monitcello

Favorite fried chicken joints in Virginia-DC: 
Pollard's Chicken (2316 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach (757) 463-2530) Deep fried biscuit!  You gotta be kidding me.  AWESOME! | Wayside Takeout (2203 Jefferson Park Ave, Charlottesville, VA 434-977-5000). Right by Scott stadium; old school fried chicken | Georgia Brown's (327 Tennessee Ave NE, Washington, DC). near the White House.  High brow, low country.  Pricey fried chicken but ohhhh so good.  The bread basket with biscuit, corn bread, and Georgia butter is the best in the world.

Question of the Week Archive: 

The Very First Question of the Week:
"If I had an out-of-town guest, where would I take them?" 

Name Address
(1) Sunday Brunch at TJ's at The Jefferson Hotel 101 W Franklin St (804) 788-8000
Show off Richmond's crown jewel by taking your guest to the mother of all Sunday brunches at the Jefferson (reservations really recommended).  A lot of hotels around have tried to copy the concept (the Langham in Boston comes to mind), but nothing beats the Jefferson Sunday in terms of indulgence and visual spectacle.
(2) Mamma Zu 501 S Pine St  (X Spring) (804) 788-4205
Pound for pound, the best dine-in restaurant in Richmond (food quality/freshness, variety, portions, price, and, yes, even the hole in the wall ambiance)...Son of the legendary AV Ristorante in DC, Zu's is every bit as good any of the "red sauce" restaurants in all the 5 boroughs of New York City.   Go to Edo's Squid (Mamma Zu's younger, more handsome brother) if the line is too long or you don't have AMEX, check, or cash...
(3) Comfort 200 W Broad St (804) (804) 780-0004 
A lot of out of town guests will ask "Take me to an authentic Southern place" (whatever that means).  Comfort is invariably where I take them to not only show off good Southern comfort food (at a reasonable price), but to demonstrate, that we're not all backwater here amongst all the great Broad St art galleries.
(4) Millie's 2603 E Main St (804) (804) 643-5512
Millie's is universally regarded by national food critics as a "must-eat" restaurant in Richmond (specifically, their omelets, the infamous Devil's Mess).  What they are able to do with their "kitchen" is mind-blowing.  It is a great starting point brunch spot if you want to show your guest around historic Church Hill (and the James River view where Richmond was named).  Also, unlike in other cities, where you go to a restaurant to gawk at celebrity diners, here the celebrities are actually waiting the tables.  Interestingly, Millie's is not on my top 50 list.  Why?  Yogi Berra once said of a popular restaurant: "Nobody goes there any more, it's too crowded!"   
(5) Half Way House 10301 Jefferson Davis Hwy (804) 275-1760 
Again, not in my Top 50 (just too pricey), but the historical charm of this place is undeniable.  Built in the 1700s, a who's who of dignitaries have dined here (everyone from George Washington to Robert E Lee).  Again, another place to take your annoying guest who is demanding an "authentic" Virginia restaurant (and you don't feel like schleping to Williamsburg).
Other notable mentions: Iron Horse;  Michelle’s at Hanover Tavern; Tanglewood Ordinary

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